Body Language, PTSD, and Hot Jazz

This week we are at the Life Teen Catholic Youth Ministry convention, so my inspirational pieces are all geared toward keeping me pumped up for this great event. Here is what I’m reading, listening to, and some stories that caught my eye:

Book: “What Every Body Is Saying,” by Joe Navarro and Marvin Karlins, Ph.D.

I’m just finishing up this book and it is a stellar read for any person that works with people. An ex-FBI agent looks at body language and the ways to understand what people are really saying – even if it seems like they aren’t saying anything at all.

Album: “The Hot Sardines,” by The Hot Sardines (2014)

The Hot Sardines are part of the “hot jazz” revival. They had a new album coming soon, but this is their current one. Upbeat, fun, and great for pretending you are in the Great Gatsby.

Watch: “TED Talks: War and Peace,” Sebastian Junger

In Israel, the rate of soldiers with PTSD is around 1%. In the United States, the rate is much higher even as only 10% of soldiers see combat. What is happening to our soldiers? The concepts Sebastian Junger explores have an impact far beyond the military.

Thought: “Why Sharing Stories Brings People Together,” Joshua Gowin, Ph.D (Psychology Today)

Stories do more than entertain, they can actually connect people. The last good story you told may not have even been your own.

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