Take the Beer – 4 Interviewee Practices You Need

Take the Beer – 4 Interviewee Practices You Need

January 12, 2019

A friend and I were talking about an interview he had at an ad agency. When he was greeted by his interview, the first question that was asked was, “Do you want a beer?” I laughed out loud. It was a disruptive question to ask before the two even sat down. How do you respond? […]

Family Values.

Family Values.

January 1, 2019

My wife and I sat at our kitchen table with Evernote open to a blank note. “OK,” she said to me, “who are we?” For several months we talked about creating a set of values for our family. This past year, I’ve been obsessed with company culture, corporate values, and how articulated missions, goals, and […]

My Will Be Done.

My Will Be Done.

January 25, 2018

Photo by Simon Maage on Unsplash I want. My wanting isn’t just for material things. My want is bigger. I want security, comfort, and the assurance of knowing I’m taken care of. Sometimes that comes in the form of material possessions like a house, a solid bank account, and 401K (I’m in my 30s and […]

I believe when people encounter Jesus their lives are radically changed. The moment I met Jesus my life was transformed and I’ve been on an amazing adventure ever since. It is a blessing and honor to walk with people to help them encounter the same Christ that I follow and lead them closer to Him.

I love working with people that share this mission.

Let’s Work Together

glory stories.

“Joel Stepanek is an enthusiastic, spirit filled speaker. His faithfulness permeates his presentation and is preceded by a great sense of humor to put the audience at ease and invite them into the conversation. Joel’s knowledge and passion combine to create an encounter with Jesus Christ that is irresistible to the listener.  Joel is relevant and engaging to all ages, but his specialty is teens and our teens loved him.  We have already scheduled a date with him for next year.”

Tina Burtch, Director of Confirmation and High School Youth Ministry

“Joel’s professional courtesy and communication before our retreat was stellar! He continually sought ways to weave our vision and content into his presentations. During the weekend he did not disappoint bringing in humor,and relevant stories all while illuminating light on the often complex teachings of St. John Paul II’s Theology of the Body.”

Andrew Brown, Youth Minister

“Joel gave an excellent mens session and his talk during entertainment was wonderful. Learned so much from him.”

Teen at Steubenville Main Campus 2015