The Risk of Driving the Car

In these moments of conflict, a leader rises to guide the way, picking the restaurant and allotting funding, hopefully inviting participation in the discussion, weighing each option wisely with data, and then making "the right call." But it isn't ever that simple.

Family Values.

Photo: Leah Breeze Photography

My wife and I sat at our kitchen table with Evernote open to a blank note. "OK," she said to me, "who are we?" For several months we talked about creating a set of values for our family. This past year, I've been obsessed with company culture, corporate values, and how articulated missions, goals, and [...]

My Will Be Done.

I want. My wanting isn't just for material things. My want is bigger. I want security, comfort, and the assurance of knowing I'm taken care of. Sometimes that comes in the form of material possessions like a house, a solid bank account, and 401K (I'm in my 30s and I still think that is something [...]

Paper Towel.

My son is thankful for paper towels. It's Thanksgiving. A few friends and family members are over for a small Thanksgiving dinner. As we gather around the table, we ask the question, What are you thankful for? People share and we arrive at my three-year old son for his turn. He speaks, I'm thankful for [...]