Family Values.

Photo: Leah Breeze Photography

My wife and I sat at our kitchen table with Evernote open to a blank note. "OK," she said to me, "who are we?" For several months we talked about creating a set of values for our family. This past year, I've been obsessed with company culture, corporate values, and how articulated missions, goals, and [...]

My Will Be Done.

I want. My wanting isn't just for material things. My want is bigger. I want security, comfort, and the assurance of knowing I'm taken care of. Sometimes that comes in the form of material possessions like a house, a solid bank account, and 401K (I'm in my 30s and I still think that is something [...]

Paper Towel.

My son is thankful for paper towels. It's Thanksgiving. A few friends and family members are over for a small Thanksgiving dinner. As we gather around the table, we ask the question, What are you thankful for? People share and we arrive at my three-year old son for his turn. He speaks, I'm thankful for [...]