Christmas Socks. (4)

I hit a transition point in my life around my freshmen year of college. Every year at Christmas I looked forward to my parents giving me gifts. I went through various phases with what I️ asked for: When I was young, I wanted the toys - LEGOs, robots, something that made loud noises. In middle [...]

Happy. (3)

I’ve realized there is just no point in being happy. The moment we are “happy” is only a fleeting moment, and really, isn't the fall that much harder after you've been up? Why bother to experience the highest of highs when in the end you are only going to crash in a mess on the [...]

Pointer Finger. (2)

When I was young I had an imaginary friend. Now, before I go further, you must promise not to make fun of me, my imaginary friend, or her name. And yes, I had a female imaginary friend. Her name was Girl. Yes, me and Girl were best friends, but I will be honest she often [...]


The meeting was rescheduled. Again. Countless e-mails sent. Numerous texts exchanged. Apologies offered and forgiveness given. But the project wasn’t going to move forward until we had this meeting - if we ever had it. Have you ever been on the broken end of a person that couldn’t honor a commitment? At the most minor, [...]

Waiting. (1)

Jesus said to his disciples, "Be watchful! Be alert! You do not know when the time will come." And I tried. Every year, I did my very best to stay awake. Yet in all my years, never once did I catch Santa Claus. He was a tricky, tricky man. He had to be - I [...]


We never think of it. We usually don't realize we are doing it. But take a moment to realize that you are breathing. Of all the great symbols we have for life there is none more true than breath. When we become aware of it we realize we are alive in a tangible way. Think [...]

Chew Your Food.

I'm flying. I'm always flying. But on this flight, I was upgraded to first class. I am embracing the full first class experience. I got on before anyone else and sat in a seat that is sized for a real human being rather than some kind of tiny elf creature. The flight attendant asked me [...]


I look up from my Apple Watch as I walk through the terminal. It’s a quiet Saturday and people shuffle from gate to gate, heads buried in their phones with earbuds in. A SkyTrain whizzes past me overhead. I look to my right through the large glass windows at a huge plane - a Boeing [...]