1. Hi Joel,
    I am Rodney Nicholas Pereira from India. I am now at His work in the PRC. I really appreciate your ministry and follow your posts. I was impressed to read abour your book “Greatest Job on Earth”. Is it possible to send me a copy of the book? I am unable to make the payment online due to online banking difficulties and access restrictions here. Please don’t feel compelled. I’d be really blessed and thankful. Please remember me and my family here at work with young people in difficult circumstances. Keeping your precious ministry in our prayers.
    Prayers and regards,
    Rodney Nicholas Pereira.
    My permanent address:
    Rodney Nicholas Pereira,
    Becchi, St. Andrews, St. Xaviers College P.O,
    St. Xaviers College P.O,
    Trivandrum, Kerala, India PIN-695586
    email: rodneynicholas@gmail.com

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