True North


There is a compass that can help us find God’s will and be found if we are feeling lost in life. True North: A Road Map for Discernment draws on the spiritual wisdom of St. Ignatius and offers a invaluable insight into hearing God’s voice and acting upon it.

If you are feeling lost, wondering what the next move in life may be, or just want to know and do God’s will, True North is written for you. Let the adventure begin.

Available now in the Life Teen store.


  1. Do you have anymore of these??? I’ve looked EVERYWHERE and can’t seem to be able to buy one!!
    Maybe an online or audio version would even be ok!

      1. ugh, I didn’t see this until now!
        Thanks but I will order it now, if I can find it! I’m also in Australia (for a year with NET ministries), so shipping tends to be a tad expensive but thanks so much!
        God bless

  2. Yikes! I need 15 copies. The website still says they are sold-out. Any ideas where or when we can order them? Thanks!

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