You Are Going to Die…and Other Thoughts from 35,000 Feet in the Sky

I’m on a plane writing this at about 35,000 feet. We are flying through some “weather” which is pilot code for storms. It is pretty bumpy and if you are afraid of flying this is literally the worst.

It is funny that I’m actually working this and not curled up in my seat, sweatily reciting a rosary and asking God to save our plane. I used to be terrified of flying (I wrote about it before) but by the grace of God, some great counseling, and an awesome fear of flying program, I overcame that fear.

During that process, though, I came to a realization with the help of my counselor and some prayer and it is a major truth about all fear –

Every fear is rooted in the “worst case scenario” which ultimately is a fear of dying…


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